INTO-ARTS Studio + Gallery Venue for Hire

Pricing Plans

Our prices reflect our suburban location but our quality matches the CBD.

venue hire has never been so easy

Our online booking system puts you in control.

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New Hirer/single event

View available times online. Contact us to discuss your hire time preferences and particular needs.

Registered Hirer

Bring your ideas, pull out the furniture, turn on the music, and your away. Requires minimum 4 bookings a month. Also includes:

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Gallery Hire

Your pop-up exhibitions will suit our gallery. Think Friday and into the evening for a sale event and wrapping up Saturday morning. Our commission is 20% on sales with a minimum fee of $300. Longer periods are available on request.

Space to Make Your Greatest Impact.

This studio or gallery is where you can shine. 

People Who Love INTO-ARTS

As well as  teachers who hire we have artists and those show-casing their hustle.

Mac’s Cheese Hustle

John Klein Artist

Jasmine Winsley Artist

Sandra Wang Yoga Teacher