Venue Hire Rates


Occasional Hirer less than 12 bookings per financial year $25/hour
Regular Hirer 12 or more bookings per financial year


Discount of 20%.



Booking in time blocks

 Morning 4 hours$70 + $15/additional hour
 Aternoon 4 hours $70 + $15/additional hour
 Evenings 4 hours$70 + $15/additional hour



You might like to know:
Hirers contribute to providing events and workshops for those less able to pay. INTO-ARTS include in their business plan a social procurement element which means that during the year facilitators will offer their services for free or cheaper than usual and or the venue will be available at a discount rate.


INTO-ARTS is wheelchair and dementia friendly.



"Such a pleasure to work in your space, it feels so easy and supportive to my modality. How blessed am I to find you!"
- Written by Trish Watts a voice movement therapist who provides regular sessions to her valued clients here at Into-arts.



The Into-Arts Studio provides DO YOGA with beautiful, serene surroundings to offer bespoke Japanese Yoga Therapy Classes to small local community groups. The Into-Arts space creates an atmosphere for DO YOGA clients to restore, rebalance and recharge their minds and bodies.
-Linda van Aanholt founder of DoYoga