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PROFILE: Trish Watts

Trish is a registered Voice Movement Therapy Practitioner, a Performing Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Educator and Community Choir Director. Whether working with groups or individuals, her approach to life evokes respect, joy, energy, freedom, trust and connection. Believing passionately that "Every life can SING", she specializes in finding the nerve to voice who we truly are, whether at work, home or creating in between. "No matter if you're a bathroom warbler or a karaoke kid, everybody has a voice and every culture needs its voice. We simply feel more alive and embodied when we use it!"

Her life work has taken her around Australia and overseas to the UK, Europe, USA, India, South Africa and more recently Cambodia, as guest artist, teacher, performer and facilitator.

Trish is a published songwriter and recording artist with training in Music Education and Sacred 'Spirited' World Music.

Her life work is anchored in the bedrock of 'play'. She is trained in InterPlay® - an improvisation based community arts practice - and co-founded InterPlay Australia 25yrs ago.

Trish has directed many a cappella choirs, including the Sydney and Cambodia Threshold Choirs and more recently the Music Arts School Community Choir of Phnom Penh. During 2015- 2017 Trish resided in Phnom Penh and cofounded the startup of a not for profit organization -'Cambodia Sings'-'rekindling the love of singing for all Cambodians'.

In 2018 Trish discovered Into-Arts Studio and Gallery, West Ryde where she currently runs her VMT Practice.

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What is Voice Movement Therapy?

Voice Movement Therapy is an energetic expressive arts system based on the artistic and therapeutic qualities of the singing voice. It is holistic and integrative in approach and grounded in the body. The work was developed by Paul Newham of UK and draws on the pioneering work of singing teacher Alfred Wolfsohn, actor Roy Hart and psychologist Carl Jung.


Who is it for?

It is for those who wish to discover, reclaim, release and give voice to the myriad of expressions we are capable of as human beings. It is particularly wonderful for those desiring to sing; to befriend fear, judgment and vulnerability, often associated with being heard.


Benefits of Voice Movement Therapy


Where does Voice Movement Therapy come from?

Paul Newham is the founder of Voice Movement Therapy
"Our voice is a promise of redemption. Ask anyone who has been downtrodden and they will tell you straight. Having a voice inspires hope where all else fails. Giving voice loosens the chains of the enslaved, rattles the bars of the imprisoned, mobilizes the strength of the starving and defies the domination of self appointed oppressors. The voice is our testimony, our ethic, our plea and our way of touching those to whom our arms cannot extend. - Paul Newman"


Do I have to be an experienced singer?

No, the desire to sing and a willingness to explore is enough .
If you can breathe, you can hum
If you can hum, you can make melody
If you can make melody, you can sing!
Everyone has their own unique voice and sound, it's not about getting it right! It's about expressing our intelligences in the most natural, freeing way. No one has the same sound as YOU, or the same way of expressing as YOU!