Art therapy

My name is Gabriel Lawrence and I provide art therapy for groups and individuals here at Into-Arts.

My interest is in working with people experiencing any type of transition in life where adaptation is sought. Having lived in a number of countries I appreciate the richness in cultural difference. While my art therapy specialism includes being with people who are living with dementia, it also includes autism and other mental health conditions. I am an NDIS provider and registered with the professional body for creative arts therapists, ANZACATA. See me on LinkedIn and the ANZACATA website if you would like to learn more.


A little about art therapy

An additional choice to traditional talking therapy, this form of psychotherapy experience encourages the client to be playful and inspired through their art making while receiving sufficient support within the therapeutic relationship provided by the skilled therapist. Art psychotherapists aim to enable clients both to discover an outlet for often complex and confusing emotions that cannot always be expressed verbally, and to foster self-awareness and growth. It is often relaxing while modelling ways of coping and releasing creative potential through the use of imagination and memory.


What you can expect

Prior experience in making art is not required. The sessions can start with discussion then lead into a time of art making and then reflecting on the art together. Insight can emerge immediately or develop over time. Sessions are regular and at a set time and duration. There is a range of art supplies available and the therapist will provide guidance in their use if the client requests. Typically individual sessions last 50 minutes and with groups between 2-3hours. How the art making occurs depends on how the client's feeling state, the nature of what the client brings to therapy and any organizational framework within which the service is provided. Therefore, sometimes the art can be spontaneously created by the client, while other times it is structured by the therapist as part of a suit of interventions designed from goals negotiated between the clients and the therapist.


When art therapy can help

If you are feeling stuck in talking about something of concern; you are living with challenges that impede your physical, social and cultural quality of life.


How much does art therapy cost?

This depends. A pre-interview is recommended when a detailed understanding of the client's expectations and needs are discussed and a price can be negotiated..


Enquires for Art Therapies




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