Anne-Maree Armstrong

Artist, Teacher, Art Therapist.

Anne-Maree was initially trained in painting, printmaking and ceramics at the National Art School (ESTC), Sydney, with involvement in small exhibitions of figurative drawings and etchings as well as large scale paintings featuring visual narratives of nudes and animals in juxtaposition.

An extensive career in art education, in Australia and Asia, had shifted focus in the last few decades. However, this experience, as well as further travel, has informed the exploration of themes related to the human condition. More recent training and work as an art therapist, along with a return to studio practice, has renewed an appreciation of the sensory and therapeutic qualities of art media and the expressive, tactile quality of paint and clay.

Themes in painting and clay work have continued to make reference to the patterns of our existence; acknowledging our search for harmony and balance in our internal systems and our relationship with the world around us.